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Lynnie Brown recommends TS1 Cleaning.
19 October at 10:16 ·

We have used Andy since moving to Rose Cottage Garden, Stainton and he’s very good. He texts to let us know he’s coming and makes sure the gate is shut (for the dogs). He’s even cleaned out our gutters and fitted guards to stop the tree clogging them up again. Fabulous service.

Sarah Watt recommends TS1 Cleaning.
18 October at 20:00 ·

Andrew has cleaned our windows since early in the year he’s reliable and regular and we’re very happy with the service Stainsby Hall Park

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Kim Barnes recommends TS1 Cleaning.
12 August ·

Great service every month we’ve only had 2 months with just moving in but always sparkling clean and efficie

Hayley Dunnakey recommends TS1 Cleaning.
19 October at 10:16 ·

Very happy with the service provided and very reliable. Windows are always sparkling - clairville grange

Jane Duncan recommends TS1 Cleaning.
19 October at 10:26 ·

Always happy with the service from these guys, never let you down and the great thing is you can pay via the bank so not running round looking for cash to pay the window cleaner. The payment is never taken until after the job has been done. Would 100% recommend 👍🏼
Holt close, Stainsby Hall Park

Janet Aitken recommends TS1 Cleaning.
21 October at 14:08 ·

Andy has been cleaning my windows for over 3 years when we moved into our new home on Stainsby Hall Farm. He’s always reliable & does an excellent job. Paying online via bank transfer is so convenient as well. I’ve had window cleaners in my previous house who weren’t as reliable and were far more expensive putting prices up every 6 months.

Vicky Christon recommends TS1 Cleaning.
20 October at 14:57 ·

I would highly recommend this local company, highly professional and extremely reliable. Added bonus that the payment is able to come out by direct debit!

Kate Lockheed recommends TS1 Cleaning.
20 October at 15:03 ·

Highly recommended, good prices and great job every time.
Salis Close, Stainsby Hall Park

TS1 Cleaning Our aimis to offer a first class service to all our customers. Thankyou

Angela Walsh recommends TS1 Cleaning.
18 October at 20:40 ·

Thank you for a great service despite my dog always going mad barking when you come around. Very reasonable price too and the option to pay online helps thank you again - Angela - Honeysuckle Grove

Leah Weatherill recommends TS1 Cleaning.
20 October at 13:54 ·

Reliable window cleaning company, always do a good job and always message to say when they will be coming. Would definitely recommend.
Stainsby hall

Andrea Straughan recommends TS1 Cleaning.
19 October at 10:33 ·

Definitely recommend, great service, reliable. Andy always makes sure the gate is properly closed so my dog doesn't run away! Being able to pay online is a bonus.
Bramble Close, Rose Cottage Gardens

Richard James recommends TS1 Cleaning.
20 October at 17:01 ·

Excellent and friendly service. Puts up with the dog barking am him too.
Windows are really clean and the price is

Trish McBride recommends TS1 Cleaning.
24 October at 17:51 ·

Good, friendly service. Reliable and a good price.